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  Tue 08-13-2019 11:53 pm

I was thinking Bloodsail Buccaneers as it's the only RP server but I'm totally open to whichever one.  Thoughts?
  Sat 08-17-2019 12:05 am

I made character names on Atiesh, a Normal Pacific server. Zirex and I are out in Oregon, so the server times work better for us. I hadn't seen much agreement on servers though yet. 

I played on a PVP server back in the day, and I think I'd like to avoid Stranglegank and all that, but that's just me. 

Why an RP server, Don? I made a character on Moon Guard in the last 6 months - its about 10% role play, and 90% erotic/mature talk, sooo... guess not what I was expecting :D
  Sat 08-17-2019 3:22 am

I've found that there are usually less jerks on the RP servers and during downtime I like to watch the goings on in Stormwind.  The RP can be entertaining.  On Moon Guard, you just have to stay away from Goldshire.  :)  The Mage District and Cathedral in Stormwind are both always hopping with RP.  But, I truly am indifferent.  I'm open to any server.

Hopefully others start to chime in.
  Tue 08-20-2019 4:41 pm

I am going to second this suggestion by Don. I believe that we would find a much better and less toxic community on an RP server so I am all for it!
  Tue 08-20-2019 4:44 pm

And gnome orgies.  Don't forget the gnome orgies.
  Wed 08-21-2019 12:47 am

I have no preference.  Just looking forward to actually playing with people again.

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