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  Wed 08-14-2019 3:02 am

What's everyone thinking?  I've watched so many vids and read so many articles over the last week... I'm leaning Priest at the moment but that'll change three times before bedtime.  On the original launch, I rolled a Paly.  By level 40 I'd said eff that and rolled up a Hunter that I main'd for the bulk of my vanilla days.

Barrens Chat -- Picking a Class
  Sat 08-17-2019 12:06 am

Priest! Lynala was my day 1 Night Elf Priest, but I'm thinking I'll change it up and do the more requested raid-friendly Dwarf Priest. I also have never seriously leveled a dwarf. Outside of that... maybe a paladin or druid? Not sure!

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