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  Wed 08-28-2019 8:23 am

I can now make them. Requires 9 wool.  I also have a shit-ton of 6-slot bags so if you need some just tell me which character, and how much, and I'll send them on their way.
  Sun 09-01-2019 4:13 pm

Thanks for the 6slotters. You want me to send you the mats for them? When I'm ready to replace them, you want them back?
  Sun 09-01-2019 9:12 pm

You can send them to Goldie when you outgrow them.  She'll keep redistributing.  Once you're over level 15, I'll try and have 8-slotters ready for you.  Speaking of, if anyone is over 15 and I have not sent them all of their 8-slotters yet, let me know.  I lose track.
  Tue 09-03-2019 11:04 am

We have plenty of 8-slotters to go around.  Message me or post here if you need some.  (tell me how many and to who)

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