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  Wed 09-04-2019 3:02 am

Don or anyone that's been: I keep forgetting to ask, if you go to Schilo's downtown (https://www.schilos.com/) and if you think it's good. I've not been there since I was at Ft. Sam in 93-94 and have a fond memory of good food and old men playing brass instruments.

We were in San Antonio for vacation a year ago summer, but it was with other family and those ass-hats insisted on an unscheduled lunch at a plain café on the day I planned to go to Schilo's. Mind you, the only thing I said I really wanted to do on the trip was that, so Uncle Steve had to eff it up. Sometimes, ancillary family is the worst.
  Thu 09-05-2019 6:12 am

I, somehow, have never been there.  I will check it out soon. Thanks Mal!
  Thu 09-05-2019 11:13 pm

Know that the oompa band guys may or may not be a thing anymore. Or, if it is a thing, probably only there occasionally.

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