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  Mon 12-30-2019 11:28 pm

Hey all, just wondering if anyone was going to come back to WoW Classic. If everyone is pretty much burnt out on it, I will probably move on to find a guild that actually has people on. I only see a couple people still playing and it just isn't enough to be able to do some of what I want to do. 

I would rather be playing with you guys because I like you, but I will move on if I have to. :)
  Sun 02-09-2020 6:33 am

So it looks like interest in WoW has completely disappeared for most here. I have only seen two people play regularly. I hate to say it, but I think I need to move on. If anyone does come back, I would always be willing to group with any of you or even just hang out and chat. I know I don't talk much, but I do appreciate the people in this group and feel like we have been through a lot together. 

Look me up in game and feel free to add my RealID if you want.

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