Is this the guild for me?

If you fall into one of these categories then probably not. These are types of people that tend to grind on the VS nerve and are generally not welcome here.

Account Sharers

We like to KNOW who we're inviting into VS and talking to on guild chat. When you share your account with your significant other, your brother, your uncle Joe or your cat, it just doesn't work for us. If you're currently sharing an account, please get your own before applying to VS.


We're all ambassadors of VS so NOT being an asshat applies to all channels of the game. We are quite proud of the name we're building for ourselves, please don't poop directly on it.


We want to help, we really do, but sometimes we have our own things to work on at the moment. If you ask for a hand on guild chat and no one is available to give it, it isn't personal and we're sorry ...though you may want to consider bathing. I'm just sayin'. Asking if anyone is interested on guild chat is fine. Asking for 10 minutes over and over for a tank or a healer is not.

Drama Queens

It happens to the best of us but the world does not revolve around any one person. If you have a problem that you think needs to be dealt with take it to an officer. If it is with an officer take it to another officer. Dealing with issues in public will not solve your problem.

Item linking Zealots

The occasional sharing of a drop or wishlist item is fine 'n dandy and expected but when our guild chat is scrolling with links to stuff you want/have/masturbate over, no thanks.


There's a definite line between being offensive and being mean. We don't like meanies. We also don't like creepiness. We have ladies in the guild and they don't like slimy creepazoids pawing at them so be mindful of how you may be coming across to the opposite sex. We also have guildies of all sexual orientations so haters/phobics will definitely want to look elsewhere. Bigots need not apply. The bottom-line is to be respectful of one another.

Politicians and Evangelists

Go sell some place else cuz we ain't buyin'. Guild Chat + religion/politics = never good. This and the note before it are here for a very specific reason. VS has people of many nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and dessert preferences. These are issues that start fights and cause rifts that can't easily be healed. Don't go there.

Spelling/Grammar Challenged

Only a few here are actual English majors so no one is perfect but we do kinda try to make an effort.

Example of proper gchat:

[GUILD] [Brendar]: Would anyone like to meet in Goldshire for some anal sex?
[GUILD] [Foxfyr]: not right now, thanks. i'm finishing a quest

Example of improper gchat:

[GUILD] [Brendar]: n e 1 4 my l33t buttsex0rz?
[GUILD] [Foxfyr]: wut ur ghey lol WTFBBQ.


By uberist I mean a person who thinks they know everything about the game and just how everyone should play it. We don't care. It's a game. Let us play how we want to play. We appreciate opinions when asked for them but we never want to be berated if we're trying to do something different or something that doesn't make a damn bit of sense. Don't judge me!